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Irina Lazar is a Romanian character designer and Illustrator based in the UK.

From an early age, she showed a particular interest in drawing and it was only during middle school that she started painting and selling her work. As a child, she fell in love with the magic of Disney art style, and later on, she discovered the world of Japanese animation. They had a great impact on her career and shaped her art style. She is a self-taught artist, curious and sensitive, she enjoys exploring and learning about various cultures which serve as a source of inspiration.

After finishing a mathematics and computer science specialisation in high school, she moved to the UK to study Illustration and Animation at Coventry University. Through her art, Irina wants to create characters and stories that will inspire and move the audience in the same ways they did for her.

In her spare time, Irina loves going outdoors, hiking, or camping and she has a passion for travelling and trying new things.

Contact (for professional inquiries only):

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